Socialism was a reaction to the displacements of industrialism. The common people were surely impoverished in feudal times, but since their labor was on the land, the land was always there to support them. Not only economically, but psychologically. To be a serf is still to have…
Their Tiny Arms Reaching Towards the Stars
and Other Indications that the Latest Biosecurity Threat Is a Psy Op
What is happening in America? In two weeks, two 18 year old shooters have attacked two public places with AR 15 rifles, allegedly committing mass murder…
A pinch of salt, dear reader, may help you through this essay, just as it will help you through every breathless broadcast about the war in Ukraine. I…
What Was He Even Protesting in the First Place?
Saint Paul’s “Peter” and the Conception of the Catholic Church
Did One Man's Deformity Give Birth to an Entire Religion?
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Rainbow Pill